Code of Ethics

The association and its members endorse and practice the following ethical principles:

1. Professionals act with integrity, protecting and promoting commitment to their service. Professionals act honestly through complete, accurate and clear communications. They do not misrepresent themselves or the profession. Professionals maintain and enhance their knowledge and skills through educational opportunities.

2. Professionals are loyal to and committed to the well-being of the individuals they serve. They maintain privacy and confidentiality of the individuals being served by practicing informed consent.

3. Professionals strive to provide quality service based on professional standards. The purpose, results and implications of treatment practices are explained to the individual, striving to maintain their safety and well-being in a client centered approach.

4. Professionals practice mutual respect and work co-operatively for the benefit of those they serve. They practice professional and moral conduct in dealing with ethical issues. Professionals practice continued quality management to improve the professions ability to serve society. Professionals seek to improve the profession’s body of knowledge through ethical research and clinical teaching.


Standards of Practice

The Newfoundland and Labrador Therapeutic Recreation Assocation has adopted the Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Assocation’s Standards of Practice.

CTRA’s Standards of Pracitce


NLTRA Vision & Values 

Our Vision

A province that recognizes the importance of recreation and leisure to population health and well-being and providing easy access to therapeutic recreation services to assist those with disabilities and health limitations to achieve higher quality of life.

Our Values


To ensure there is always open lines of communication between NLTRA executive, its members, the public, and our partners.


NLTRA is committed to providing quality services to our members that meet national and international standards.


All business transactions, communications, and other business actions are done in a professional manner maintaining the organizational integrity to its membership


To empower our members to move the profession of Therapeutic Recreation forward by giving them opportunities to withhold leadership positions and serve as a voice of TR within the province.


To remain accountable for all promises, goals, and business transactions of the association and that all business is in the best interest of the members and the continuance of advancing the field of Therapeutic Recreation in the province of NL

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